Frownlands, 2024

Art-writing performance that builds on instrumental outakes from Beefheart’s, Trout Mask Replica. Olsen plays through and counters the often punishing methods of production endured by the original band members with an homage that is also a rewriting of the master’s voice. She offers a provocative chorus of speculative fragmentary imaginings from a variety of sources and eras to recast the legendary narratives of the making of the original album alongside interruptions drawn from the erased history of female drummers, nostalgic imaginings for futures that never were and cacophonies of protest relevant for our present day Frownlands.

Frownlands, 1969 – Redell Olsen, performance January 27th

Performance as part of ‘Rooms to Live,’ by collaborative artists Derek Tyman and Andy Webster at Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre.