mox nox

Mox Nox / Redell Olsen

Institute of Electric Crinolines Editions

Edition of 10 was made for BOOKMARE project 2

Kingsgate Studios

20 pages.

Typeface: Gill Sans and Copperplate.

Paper: Canelletto 160, tracing paper and photosensitive adhesive paper.

Cover: Canford paper and unique fragment of sun-print.

Bound with metal hoops.

January 2017


Mox Nox is a handmade book in a small edition of ten copies. The ornamental images from mainly Nineteenth Century sources (travelogues of voyages to the Arctic, the design and mottoes of sundials) are presented alongside the single contemporary images of a sundial in Aleppo. The text borrows from a range of contextual sources that both tangentially relate to the images but which also make reference to current political and social crisis as well as to the ongoing measurement of sunlight and natural resources in an era of climate catastrophe. Many of the images and various parts of the text have been treated with an adhesive paper that reacts in sunlight and which temporarily turns cyan blue. Like the energy sources, ice and photosensitive plants to alluded to in the poem, this book literally transforms in the hands of the reader who risks exposing herself and the books’ pages to the light of day.