Review of ‘I’ll Drown My Book’…

I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women

Edited by Caroline Bergvall, Laynie Browne,
Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place

Review by Mia You
Les Figues Press | $40.00 | 455 pages | paper | ISBN 9781934254332

[ . . . . ] “The anthology’s most compelling selections, however, such as the excerpts from Christensen’s alphabet, Nada Gordon’s The Abuse of Mercury, Redell Olsen’s Punk Faun: A Bar Rock Pastel, and Bernadette Mayer’s “helen rezey sestina” and “HISTORY OF TROY, N.Y.,” resolutely are invested in the possibilities of writing as writing [. . . .]

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beside an electric train, a tray of coal…

Nina Power & Redell Olsen

Beside an electric train, a tray of coal and Dawood’s ‘New Dream Machine Project’ in the winter pavilion, join us at Parasol Unit for Intercapillary Places:



Nina Power:
A talk on the philosophy and control of public space

Redell Olsen:
London launch of ‘Punk Faun: a bar rock pastel’ (Subpress, 2012)

Parasol Unit, 14 Wharf Road, N1 7RW
Thurs 13th Dec / Drinks from 6.30pm, event begins at 7.00pm
Arrive early from 5pm onwards to view the retrospective of work by Jannis Kounellis as well as Shezad Dawood’s ‘New Dream Machine Project’ in the winter pavilion

Tickets: £5/£4 conc – Free wine

Biographical Notes

Nina Power is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Roehampton University and is the author of ‘One-Dimensional Woman’ (Zer0 Books, 2009).

Redell Olsen’s recent projects include films and texts for performance: ‘Bucolic Picnic (or, Toile de Jouy Camouflage)’ (2009), ‘Newe Booke of Copies’ (2009-10), ‘SPRIGS and Spots’ (2011-12) and the site-specific collaboration for film and performance “Lost Pool” (2010). Her previous publications include ‘Book of the Fur’ (rem press, 2000) and ‘Secure Portable Space’ (Reality Street, 2004). ‘Punk Faun: a bar rock pastel’ (2012) is just out from Subpress. She is a Reader in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London. For more see:

Jannis Kounellis was part of the Arte Povera movement in Italy that emerged during the 1960s. On show at Parasol Unit will be works such as Untitled (Carboniera), 1967; Untitled (steel plate and braid),1969, on loan from Centre George Pompidou, Musée national d’art; Metamorphosis, 1984, and Untitled, 1977, an electric train moving on steel plates installed around one of the pillars of the gallery.

Tickets can be booked through Parasol Unit by phone, email or online through Paypal –
To book your ticket please contact Lucy Britton on / 020 7490 7373 ext. 20

Please book ahead as spaces in the gallery can fill up

Reading in Paris: Galerie Poggi, 27 September, 2012. Double Change.

Thursday 27 September 7:30pm @ galerie Jérôme Poggi:

Double Change vous invite à une lecture de

Redell OLSEN

Le jeudi 27 septembre à 19h30

115/117, rue La Fayette – 75010 Paris – Tél. : + 33 (0)9 51 02 51 88
M° Gare du Nord ou Poissonnière – Parking Vinci rue des Petits Hôtels

Lecture bilingue.
Entrée libre.

Redell Olsen. Punk Faun, Subpress, 2012.

 REDELL OLSEN a publié plusieurs livres de poésie dont *Book of the
Fur* (Rempress, 2000) et *Secure Portable Space* (Reality Street,
2004). De 2006 à 2010, elle a été rédactrice en chef de *How2*, revue
en ligne dédiée à l’écriture poétique et critique des femmes. Redell
Olsen a aussi publié des essais critiques dont les derniers portent
sur Frank O’Hara, Abigail Child et Susan Howe. Ses projets d’écriture
les plus récents sont orientés vers la performance, les films ainsi
que les collaborations qui naissent de lieux précis. Citons *Newe
Booke of Copies* (2009), *Bucolic Picnic (or Toile de Jouy
Camouflage)* (2009) and *The Lost Swimming Pool* (2010). *S P R I G S
& spots* (Cambridge: Wide Range Chapbooks, 2012) présente le poème
composé à partir du film muet *Lace* (1930), lu lors de la projection
du film en 2011. Elle collabore souvent à des projets collectifs comme
l’exposition et l’édition du livre *Here Are My Instructions* (avec
Susan Johanknecht, Gefn Press, 2004) et *The Lost Swimming Pool*(2010)
(avec Ruth Livesey, Drew Milne, Libby Worth et Gillian Wylde) qui
associait textes, films, sons et chorégraphies pour une installation
dans une piscine désaffectée. Avec Drew Milne, elle forme le groupe
les *Electric Crinolines*. Avec quelques collègues, elle fait partie
du Centre de Recherche Poétique de l’Université Royal Holloway
(Londres) et co-dirige la série de lecture POLYply. Directrice du
Master de Pratique Poétique à Royal Holloway, Redell Olsen s’intéresse
aux méthodes pédagogiques expérimentales dans l’enseignement de la
poésie et de l’écriture. La maison d’édition Subpress vient de publier son livre *Punk Faun : a bar rock pastel*. Redell Olsen est l’invitée du program Poets & Critics de l’Université
Paris Est qui consacre deux journées à son travail les jeudi et
vendredi 27 et 28 septembre. Informations à
CHARLES ROBINSON est écrivain, auteur de trois livres : *Génie du
proxénétisme* (Seuil, 2008), *Dans les Cités* (Seuil, 2011), *Ultimo*
(è®e, 2012). Il réalise aussi des objets numériques : *Les Questions écureuil*
(è®e-numérique, 2012). Et des objets sonores : *Dans les Cités* – pièce radiophonique (France
culture, Atelier de création radiophonique, 2012).

punk faun: a bar rock pastel

Redell Olsen, Punk Faun: a bar rock pastel, subpress, 2012.

This work was commissioned by Isabella d’Este for the walls of her studiolo after she attended a daylong screening of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster at The Roxy in Brixton, London, and a few weeks later stumbled upon an artist’s talk by Raphael on Ed Ruscha’s painting “They Called Her Styrene.” However, it was her experiences that same evening in a karaoke bar off Oxford Street that convinced her to go through with her planned idea and to approach a writer who could carry out her design for a bar rock pastel. At the time of the commission the patron was herself concerned with the plight of deer on the roads of Europe and North America and was an ardent campaigner for the introduction of sonic deer deterrents based on installations pioneered by Max Neuhaus. In a drawing, now unfortunately lost, and in this written description (for the first time available here within the text of a popular edition) she details her request for a masque of grotesque pastoral and mythic proportions, a cloven poetics that would feature commerical activity to be streamed live on the walls of her studiolo. She similarly required the inclusion of players as ordinary citizens—or often as ordinary citizens as artists—”got up in devious animal brocade,” to perform whatever forms of cultural consumption, display and collection they encountered over the duration of their everyday experience, all this for her personal entertainment and meditative consolation. D’Este paid for the work upfront safe in the knowledge that she had purchased a piece of poetic invention in which even the title was against itself.


Redell Olsen’s previous publications include: Book of the Fur (Rempress, 2000), Secure Portable Space (Reality Street, 2004) and the collaboratively edited bookwork Here Are My Instructions (Gefn Press, 2004). From 2006-2010 she was the editor of How2 the online journal for modernist and contemporary poetry, poetics and criticism by women. Her recent projects have involved texts for performance, film and site-specific collaboration and include: Newe Booke of Copies (2009), Bucolic Picnic (or Toile de Jouy Camouflage) (2009) and The Lost Swimming Pool (2010). She is reader in poetic practice at Royal Holloway, University of London where she is the director of the MA in Poetic Practice.

issn: 9781930068568

Available here from SPD