a newe booke of copies

‘A Newe Booke of Copies’ (2009-10) is a film poem for live performance. It was first shown at University of Cambridge in 2009 and at the Arnolfini in Bristol in May 2010. Published in Film Poems Los Angeles: Les Figues, 2014.

In performance the poem is delivered live in relation to the projected film of a woman making quills. The soundtrack of the film (the sound of quills being cut with knife) is set at a level to produce a level of noise that interferes with the delivery of the text by the performer.

Extracts from and introduction to  a newe booke of copies 2009-10 as published in Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets. Ed. C. Etter. Shearsman, 2010.

See a review of the selection of this text by Justin Katko (2010).

See Essay: Redell Olsen, ‘To Quill at Film’ TrenchArt: Logistics (Los Angeles: Les Figues, 2013).

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